Connecting to ACCNAME using EUW simulator


Before receiving the Diamonds and Gold to your game account you must verify that you are a human and not a software (Automated bot) and to prevent users that use our Guardian Soul cheat to abuse our generator.

After you will successfully fill one of offer (The offers are from our sponsors who support us and we thank them for the support granted for us so we can be able to give you these resources for free) the Diamonds and Gold will be added to your game account in just a few seconds!

    Follow this easy steps to get verified

    1 Click on "Verify Now" button.

    2 Choose an offer and complete(the offers are very easy to complete,remember complete the offer with success,don't try to skip this step).When you have finished completing the offer,restart your game and you will see the resources in your game.

    3 Check your Guardian Soul account for the Diamonds and Gold!

Connect to your Guardian Soul Game account

Essential stick to the exact steps like we described below! If you work with your mobile phone(Android,iOS,Home windows) enter your Protector Soul username or select your operating-system!If are you currently utilizing a desktop(PC,Notebook,Mac) connect the unit to PC,Notebook,Mac via USB cable and select the unit as well as in the Username field put the specific device,essential once you connect the unit,open up the sport and then leave the sport available to browse the data,then click on the button Connect.

Guardian Soul Resources Generator

Select number of Diamonds and Gold to generate to your account and click on "Generate".

Processing Your Request

    The Guardian Soul Hack Stories

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    The Guardian Soul Chronicles

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    Life After Guardian Soul

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    The Cheats for Guardian Soul Strategy

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